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STATUS: In Development – 97-Page Script.

Hush Money landed in top ten percent of 8,ooo feature dramatic screenplays at the Austin Film Festival 2013.

Writer | Director:
Marcus Bleecker
Music Supervisor:
John Popper

Genre: Dark Comedy | Romance | Adventure

Soundtrack: Country-Rock “Americana”

Similar To:  Coen Brothers “Raising Arizona” meets Quentin Tarantino’s “True Romance”

Log Line
With the law hot on their tail, a Texas roughneck and his young love set off to New York to extort Hush Money from her estranged, morally-righteous, celebrity talk-show host father.

Set against a classic Texas backdrop and an “Americana” soundtrack, Hush Money is a tale of two lovers who go to great lengths to pursue happiness.  By the light of a full moon on her birthday, Skye Ian falls for bad boy Whip Marvin Burke after he rescues her from the slippery hands of a meathead jock at Dick’s Bowling Alley and Pool Hall in Gun Barrel City, TX. When Whip assaults the chisel head and violates probation, he’s arrested and given seven days to pay a large fine or do time behind bars. After Skye sells her pristine unicorn collection to post bail, the two hatch a plan to blackmail her estranged, morally righteous, celebrity talk-show host father in New York City who’d like to keep her existence a secret. With the law on their tail and all sorts of characters climbing out of the woodwork, their love is put to the ultimate test as Skye and Whip head east to New York City to get their Hush Money.

About the Music Supervisor
John Popper, Grammy Award winning harmonica/songwriter/singer, is the music supervisor for Hush Money. With a classic Americana soundtrack and plenty of space for collaboration we are excited to have John aboard. His experience, contacts and depth of talent promises to make this an exciting soundtrack.

About the Writer/Director
Marcus Bleecker is an accomplished filmmaker, writer and musician. He is proud to have received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Cinematography. As a freelance director and cinematographer, his body of work includes clients such as HBO, Bravo and Comedy Central.  His most recent short film, “The Hit” which Marcus wrote and directed, stars Federico Castelluccio from HBO’s Emmy Award winning series The Sopranos. The Hit screened at both the Cannes Film Festival and The Beverly Hills Film Festival.  His feature length screenplay, “Shoot To Kill”, is currently in development at John Fogel Entertainment.

As a writer, Marcus was honored to have an essay he wrote in celebration of his father, published in the New York Times Magazine’s Father’s Day edition. Recently, Marcus also completed DUMBO, a collection of short stories about living Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.





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