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The Hit


February 5, 2012 by marcus

the hit

A hitman is hired to kill himself and the woman he loves.

The Hit played at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, The Beverly Hills Film Festival, Sudberry Film Festival, and The Gasparilla Film Festival.

PJ Leonard, Executive Producer and owner of The Other Side of the River Productions, asked me if I had a short film ready to go. I lied and told him I did.

PJ scheduled a sit down in Jersey City. I scrambled to get something on paper from a vague idea I had. I brought him a script. He loved it. He showed up with a hand full of talented actors who were looking to be in it. I wrote more parts, and expanded the idea.

We had another sit down and PJ showed up with more talented actors. I wrote them in and expanded the script further.

My leading man and new friend, Federico Castelluccio, came on board and brought along a few more actors. I wrote more parts. I swear if we had another sit down we would have had a feature script!

I was very fortunate to have an amazing cast that included:
the lovely Laura Ponce, Paul Dunleavy, Frances Ensemplare (who was amazing as Paulie’s mom in the Sopranos), Raymond Franza (also from the Sopranos), Alex Corrado, Joseph Perrino (from the Sopranos), Ed Moran and James Andrew O’Connor, my good friend Grant Crawford, Vito LaBruno, Kerry Jo Rizzo, and Andrew Wirtz.

The film was shot by my buddy Niels Dachler. My holmes Justin Newman produced it. And my support team at Beyond Our Reality Productions provided tech support and gear.

I am thankful for all the folks and crew who helped make this one possible.



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